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ANN HEELAN Universal Design for Learning Learn About UDL

My Consultancy Service

As former CEO of AHEAD, I am highly experienced in supporting educational institutions to become more inclusive of all their students. Over the past five years I have promoted UDL as a way of designing education to get results and to bring out the best in students.

I work with leaders, directors, principals and staff who want to implement UDL in their institution, supporting them to get started and to develop UDL practice across the institution.

For more information see Services for Leaders or Services for Educators.

What people say about Ann

I had the privilege to work with Ann Heelan as CEO of AHEAD and also Chair of the Access and Disability expert community Group of the European Association of International Educators, Ann showed a very innovative way of creating an inclusive environment in education and an engaging approach which led to a change of mindsets about students with disabilities. Her initiatives were greatly appreciated by professionals to rethink their own practice in education.

Nadia D’Alton, Director Strategic Programmes, U21 Chair Community of Practice on Sustainability, U21 Health Sciences Sustainable Development Goals Strategic Group, Health Science Center, UCD.